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Green tea has many benefits, but consider taking an extract in order to get the full effect.












Klee Irwin's Natural At-Home Program for Pre-Diabetes Intervention

Part IV: Nutritional Supplements

As a leading Formulator of Nutritional Products and Natural Health Advocate, Klee Irwin affirms that, in addition to diet and exercise, several traditional herbal extracts and specialized nutrients can support normal blood-sugar levels and overall health.

Fenugreek has many uses in cuisine and in herbalism.For instance, Fenugreek impacts blood sugar in healthy ways. Emerging scientific evidence suggests that this Indian herb may activate certain "on-off switches" in the cell receptors that respond to insulin. New laboratory research suggests that Fenugreek may act as a "spare key" to the cellular receptors that have become "locked" and unresponsive to insulin. Some Indian physicians also believe that Fenugreek compounds signal cells in the liver and adipose tissue to transport sugars out of the bloodstream (Vijayakumar et al, 2005).

The trendiest of these herbs is Banaba Leaf. The traditional use of Banaba Leaf extracts began in the Philippines, yet the plant itself is familiar to American gardeners and homeowners as crepe myrtle. Banaba seems to have a positive affect on blood sugar. Some researchers have speculated that Banaba Leaf enhances the actions of the important insulin-receptor genes in the body without causing weight gain (Park, Lee & Sung, 2005). According to Dr. Yousry Naguib, a researcher who has looked at several types of products, soft-gel formulations of Banaba Leaf may be the most completely absorbed.  Klee Irwin has made soft gel formulations a cornerstone of his top-selling product line.

Certain antioxidant nutrients also can be useful, because high blood sugar creates oxidative stress on the cells and tissues in the body. A high-quality Green Tea extract can not only provide antioxidant relief to oxidative stress but can also help with both blood-sugar regulation and weight control. With such significant benefits, Klee Irwin has long touted the use of Green Tea in any nutritional plan.  New research indicates that a specific type of Cinnamon — but not the Cinnamon commonly found on pastries — can also help those with pre-diabetes. (For more information about the use of this amazing botanical, read "Anti-Sugar Effects of Cinnamon".)

Feeling 30 at 60... and Beyond 

Six years after being diagnosed, Lori remains diabetes-free. Her doctor attributes her success to her faithfulness to her new lifestyle choices. "I haven't eaten anything fried - except the occasional single tortilla chip - in years," she says. Lori seldom eats meat, and when she does it is broiled, grilled or roasted. Lori's dietary changes and supplementation habits have become second nature. "I want to be just as happy, independent and active as I am now at 37 when I'm old," she says, adding with a smile, "really, really old."   For Klee Irwin, this is a success story.

Klee Irwin's Health Focus:
Salt, Fat and the Diabetic Heart

While most people know that diabetics and pre-diabetics need to avoid sugar, it's also important to avoid salt.  A research team at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis recently announced the findings of scans conducted on the hearts of 11 diabetic and 11 healthy volunteers. The scans showed that healthy hearts were powered primarily by glucose, while diabetic hearts were powered largely by fat. Far more oxygen is required for burning fat than for burning glucose, so diabetics are much more vulnerable to heart tissue damage when the flow of oxygenated blood to the heart is interrupted. The research team announced that they believe it's not enough to control blood glucose. It's also necessary to reduce the heart's preference for fatty-acid fuel by limiting salt in the diet (Herrero et al, 2006).

Anti-Sugar Effects of Cinnamon

Cinnamon has a surprising effect in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.Health experts from Andrew Weil to Mehmet Oz to Klee Irwin, Nutritional Supplement Pioneer and Natural Health Visionary, agree that a specialized Cinnamon extract may work to enhance blood-sugar control and cholesterol levels for patients with type-2 diabetes. They cite a study done in Pakistan and reported in an issue of Diabetes Care magazine. But it's important to note the kind of Cinnamon used in the study. The species that supports healthy blood sugars is the South Asian spice Cinnamomum cassia, the kind of cinnamon used in curry. It is not Cinnamomum verum, the kind of cinnamon used to make cinnamon rolls. Taking the right kind of cinnamon is essential to its efficacy (Khan et al, 2003).


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