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Klee Irwin's Natural At-Home Program for Pre-Diabetes Intervention

Part II: Pre-Diabetes & Exercise

  As physicians writing in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) report, successful management of pre-diabetes requires more than just managing blood-sugar levels (Ford, Giles & Dietz, 2002). It is also necessary to pay attention to blood pressure, the size of your waistline and overall weight.

When Klee Irwin, Natural Health Expert, reviewed Lori's experience this is what he found:

Exercise is a critical componentĀ of any health regime.Lori's doctor first recommended that she try to improve these health issues herself by starting to have her walk just 10 minutes a day. After making sure that no other underlying health problems exist that could flare up during exercise, Lori took her doctor's recommendations a step further. She joined a gym and started doing gentle resistance exercise with two to 10 pound weights three times a week. Her physician had informed her that such exercises would help her build up lean muscle mass, which is crucial in the storage and management of blood sugar. Lori was relieved that she would not bulk up by doing these exercises and delighted to notice herself fitting into her clothes better.

Her results are proof of Klee Irwin's findings that exercise is a critical component  of any health regime.

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